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New Corsa Miglia Driving Gloves now in stock

Jan 31st 2018


You Asked, and We Listened
Just in time for Valentine’s Day too.

Beauty, Harmony of shapes and Practicality live together in a perfect and unique symbiosis of Italy

We had an overwhelming amount of customers message and call asking if we could procure more color options. Our most asked for color of Blue and Red is here! Just in time to style your sophisticated Valentine. Click here to view more information and purchase your new Corsa Miglia Driving Gloves now.

Corsa Miglia Driving Gloves New Color - Blue/Red

This is the perfect gift for the worldly man in your life who takes cars and style as seriously as we do. Lamb Nappa Leather is chrome tanned supplying an extremely soft and supple leather, used in top quality leather gloves only. There’s a flexibility and thinness that make these the IDEAL driving gloves.

It’s always about the uncompromising quality. Patient, exacting, and artistic. Exquisite work forged by generations of experience, done only by hand, to the time-honored excellence of multi-generational craftsmen.

Using all their tactile senses: smelling, feeling, and viewing each skin ensures that each Corsa Miglia glove be made to the highest standard. The Italian driving gloves are a utilitarian work of art.

A well-cut glove should not lengthen, but must be able to expand enough to allow a convenient introduction of the hand and subsequent reshaping for a conforming, bespoke fit. Points such as knuckles and phalanxes should always mold exactly to the individual hand, hence the proverbial expression, “FITS LIKE A GLOVE”.

Once the choice hides are selected, the cutting of the glove is performed with the same craftsmanship that has served as the gold standard for over a hundred years. Careful manual measurement calculates the degree of elasticity, which varies from skin to skin, as well as inside the same skin, depending on the anatomical part considered.

For each glove, the elasticity is lower in the neck, the croup is average, and it is greatest in the ventral part. This complex variability, not easy to evaluate, employs all of the craftsman’s skills and experience.

After the cutting, and the consequent shearing of the fingers, made with steel molds, we assemble the various parts such as inches and forks which are leather inserts interposed between the fingers. CORSA MIGLIA, continues to maintain the history and artistry of producing gloves in Italy, by hand. A lifetime investment – a lifetime Service Policy.Corsa Miglia Driving Gloves